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There are some experiences that help foreigners change their look about Vietnam.

The first time going to Vietnam, many foreigners were always shy and confused. They also have a lot of mistaken thinking about the countries and Vietnamese people because they have never come here. There are some things that experienced foreigners often tell the new.

1. The country is not really poor

Most of foreign people who have never gone to Vietnam only think about Vietnam as a far away country with yellow skin and black hair people, the country is still poor and backward due to the War’s affection. That also means evils are so many.

Even some old American people thought that they will be discriminated because of the war in the past. However, they was surprised when arriving Vietnam and seeing a new country with friendly people.

2. Vietnamese people often use English

Because of the culture barrier and geographical distance, a lot of foreign people thought that it’s would be hard to communicate with the people. Actually, most of them are unexpected as English is very popular in Vietnam.

Bruce Wilcox, the American tourist, told about how he meet a local: “When I sit on a bench, one student came to me and told me the story about Hanoi city. He spoke English not very excellent but quite fluently. He didn’t require money, he just want to practice English.”

3. Keep away from peddled wares

Unluckily, many foreigners are huckster’s target. Before going to this country, they are advised to be care full with the hucksters who always ask with insistence and take notice to their cameras, wallets, and phones.

4. Very high cost services

In the crowded areas the cost is very expensive especially for foreigners. In Hoi An, you easily buy sandals with the price of 50.000vnd if you are Vietnamese. But if you are in the appearance of yellow hair blue eyes and bad Vietnamese level, the price would be more expensive.

To solve this problem, many foreigners shared the way to negotiation. The most popular way is asking price before use the services. Besides, some of rating websites are also used.

5.  Bewaring of cheating

With the difference in language, many tourists were wrong between 15.000vnd and 50.000vnd. They complained about when asking is a price but they have paying other price. The measure for it is giving the buyers money before using the services.

6. If you fall off a motorbike, don’t low-spirited

Motorbikes are the most popular vehicle in Vietnam so many foreigners like discovering this area by motorbikes. However, because they don’t know the way and have not many experiences, a lot of them used to be hurt when going to Sapa or Mui Ne by this vehicle.

This is so interesting experience that many people want to try the motorbike when going to Vietnam.

7. Vietnam is very beautiful country

Before going to Vietnam, some of foreigners thought that this country very small, poor and it doesn’t have many beautiful landscapes. But Steven – American tourist spent 11 days to go from Northern Vietnam to Southern Vietnam when the first time he go to this country.

“It is different from the New York – Los Angeles trip. On the way, you will see many charming landscapes. You should spend 3 weeks to discover them.” said Steven. He also shared that if you have only 1 or 2 weeks, you should discover one areas to have best experiences.